Early Days

Although I’ve been plugging away with Unity for several years, I’ve never finished a single project, or even come close to it. But, that’s going to change, hence why I’m starting this blog.

Making this will make the development of Tiny Kingdoms a little more ‘real’ to me, and hopefully, will push me to actually finish it.

So, what it is?
Well, Tiny Kingdoms is a cartoon RTS bases in the medieval era. You can recruit knights, bowmen, horseback riders, and of course, Wizards, to battle it out for control of new found islands rich in the resources needed to make your kingdom prevail.

How long has it been in development?
I’ve been working on and off for about 8 months at time of writing. I have a full time job, and a small, but growing gaming YouTube channel, so my time is spread thin, but i’d say at least 10 hours a week have gone into it.

How far along is it?
I’ve got the terrain generation finalised (at the moment) Map sizes / Resources generated and a very basic UI setup. Its not in a playable state at the moment, but I’m spending some time reading up on Mirror Networking for Unity, so once I get that down I’ll be able to get building and unit spawning in and actually have something to do in game.

Networking, so its Multiplayer as well?
That’s the idea. I plan to have Single Player Skirmish vs AI, Multiplayer, and a campaign in the final product. All the things you’d expect from a Real Time Strategy game.

Whens the release date?
At the moment, no idea. Progress is slow, but steady, and I hope to have a working pre-alpha demo ready for around Christmas time. But I’m not tying my self down to any dates or deadlines.

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